From dreams to success

Your Own Path

Our goal:
Strengthening the position of women in the fight against stereotypes on the career path in the IT industry.
Ania you won't believe I talked to Bartek today, the one from my department, and his salary is 3,000 higher than mine, even though we do the same job, what should I do?
You are not the only one - many women face the same problem, but I have a solution! You heard about the project campaign ''Code::Girls''? Is called ''From dreams to success – your own path'' and I think you'll like it very much!
Ooo definitely I'll see, thanks!:)

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Hi! Do you want to fight stereotypes that often block many of us from success? Congratulations!

You just took the first step! We are pleased to welcome you on the social campaign page “From dreams to success: your own path” – part of the “Code :: Girls” project created in response to the problem of discrimination in the IT environment. You will meet women here who have faced hardships and injustices and have come to the top. Our goal is to break the barriers that have been created over the years by limited thinking and to show that we are only one step away from fulfilling our dreams. We also want to introduce young girls to role models and make them aware of how many wonderful women have achieved success in the IT industry.

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